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According to Western tradition, the heart represents emotionality. In Eastern cultures, intelligence and intuition. Hindus regard the heart (hridaya) as Brahmapura, the abode of Brahma. In Christian vocabulary, the heart is said to contain the kingdom of God. Egyptian hieroglyphic writing represents the heart by a glass. Which is related to the Holy Grail. And in the trial of Osiris, the heart of the deceased is extracted, representing consciousness and morality. Irish texts sometimes say, to evoke the death of a person overwhelmed with sadness, that "the heart broke in the chest." Symbol that manifests the center of life. In the Islamic tradition the heart is a "point of insertion of the spirit in the matter (...). It is the essence of the human being, a regulatory oscillation located inside a piece of meat. It is the hidden and secret place of consciousness". The double movement (systole and diastole) of the heart also makes it the symbol of the double movement of expansion and reabsorption of the universe. Numerous philosophies and new thoughts have the heart as a guide and energy that drives the path of the mind. Since the beginning of humanity it has been intuited that the heart is something important.

"Corazonizar": Transitive verb. It consists of attributing elements of an anatomical heart both in form and substance to elements that do not possess them. Term coined by Samuel De Sagas.


But why an anatomical heart? I belong to the LGTBI collective, four years ago I had a relationship that led me to suicide through mistreatment and psychological violence. Being a same-sex couple, state laws do not record that there is domestic violence, so there is no way to report or be protected by law. After being clinically dead, it was more than a year before I started painting again. And the first thing I made was a heart. An intrinsic need in which I saw a heart blooming daisies while hummingbirds flew around it. That's how it all started. Wanting to talk about life, and contemporaneity. To express "living" and everything that surrounds us. The heart, as it's obvious in this case, is a symbol of EQUALITY.

expo & colabs



  • Zas!! Emotional revolution. Cáceres, Spain

  • Zas!! Emocional revolución. Ateneo Málaga. Malaga, Spain



  • Xmas Heart Toys, Ocupación del espacio objetual. CanalGallery. Barcelona, Spain


  • JustMad. Feria de arte. Madrid. La indomable. Paisaje Doméstico.Madrid, Spain


  • JustFairs. Feria de arte Lisboa. Primavera. Madrid, Spain


  • LGTBIQMEXICO (by Sonny Kitchner) . Ciudad de México, Mexico


  • Onlyfood (Colaboration). Barcelona, Spain


  • “Love & Hope” for VOGUE Portugal


  • BSFW(Colaboration). Barcelona, Spain


  • Art&tech. Europe Tour




  • Boom Boom Pop, No hablamos de amor sino de conexión. Contemporary Art Center Francisco Hernández. Málaga, Spain


  • Amaz Boy Lokianno. Hong Kong. China


  • Inspired in Barcelona: A gathering Place. Barcelona Centre de Disseny for Saló del Moble International in Milano. Italia


  • MoT Garden. Museum of Toys. Jakarta, Indonesia


  • LCO X HOMIES. La Casa Amarailla. Malaga, Spain


  • Cápsula Pop with Anna Corna. Club Alma. Madrid, Spain


  • Misonny Art Festival. 3RD & 4RD edition.Girona, Spain


  • Nature. Mrs Toolip Art Gallery Pop Art. Mrs Toolip Art Gallery. Barcelona, Spain


  • Xmas Heart Toys. Canal Gallery. Barcelona, Spain




  • ExpoToyBcn. Barcelona, Spain


  • Lio 21 Canal Gallery. Barcelona, Spain


  • Drink Love.Hiddenfactory. Barcelona, Spain


  • Mukatembok. Museum of Toys (MoT). Jakarta, Indonesia

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